What is 7-Zip and what makes it so good?

7-zip is an open-source software application that enables you to compress, unpack and prepare large files or folders for sending via e-mail or another file transfer solution over the Internet.

Unlike many popular archive programs that require charge, 7-zip is, despite free, much lighter and works more quickly and will pack most files without reporting any errors. Paid solutions are often heavy, take much space on hard disks and thus work very slow, resulting in errors.

This means that even if you paid for software needed for a simple operation such as archiving and zipping folders into package files prior sending, you have to worry whether it would return fatal errors that should prevent you from sending wanted files.

A paid solution is not always the best solution

7-zipI often had problems with one of these paid archiving applications. Often when I tried to zip my business archives, I encountered errors for no reason.

Whatever I tried to do, such as calling their tech support, browsing various forums and question-answer pages – did not help me. Then I referred to a computer expert who recommended me to download 7-Zip.

When I followed his advice and got the 7-zip download, I first packed some photos I made to see how it works. As it comes free, I also installed it on my laptop. Then I packed the folder in .zip format and posted it from desktop to laptop. I was surprised to see how quickly 7-Zip did it’s job on my laptop – it took only few seconds to open the attachment and show me the photos.

Encouraged by a good outcome I went on doing the same for my business files I failed to zip using a paid zipping app, and it worked well. Zipping on my desktop, sending the archive via mail to laptop, opening and re-editing the files; all worked fine for me. Quickly I sent the zipped files to my company.

To be ensured they could open it, since they used a paid alternative, I called the manager and he told me that he received and unpacked the file without any problems. I kept on using it for my everyday business tasks and was satisfied, not because it saved my money by being free of charge, but mainly because it enabled me to work more efficiently and be sure that my files will be sent on time.

That I will not encounter errors requiring additional time to solve and possibly lead to delays with my future projects.

7-zip – New great archive format

Another great feature of 7-Zip is their own archive format – .7z . 7z allows for an even faster compression and decompression of files. Files are much lighter than .zip ones and thus more contents should be sent via e-mail.

My 60MB photo file packed into a .zip took 51.8 MB, while the same folder shrank to 44.6 MB when I packed it into a .7z file. The only disadvantage related to this new file format is that most paid applications don’t work with it. When you intend to work with it you need to persuade your coworkers to get it on their computers.

Maybe some of them are stubborn, but 7-Zip has enough arguments on its side. I also spent some time persuading my managers to replace paid software with more efficient 7-zip, but upon accepting it they quickly unsubscribed from paid applications and kept on working with 7-Zip as the only archiving software.

Now we all exchange our business files in a .7z format and edit them in 7-Zip.

Clash of Clans Review

Clash of Clans is one of the most captivating free-to-play multi-player strategy game that allows you to build, expand, defend, and lead your clan to victory. The game has attracted international players giving you the opportunity to challenge players worldwide.

It was initially created by Supercell in 2012 and has since revolutionized, adding most attractive features that let you collect more trophies, building a solid base, and farming for more resources. It is available in Google play store, as well as the iTunes store. You can also enjoy the game both on your Android and iOS devices.

Simple and Useful Tips for Clash of Clans

Initially, you are given a plot of land to build your base and acquire more resources. One of the common mistake many players make during the initial stage involve quick production by using inappropriate units in battle out enemies, which at the end depletes you gems and this may lead you to give a second thought of a premium currency system to further your next strategy. So, to avoid this premature depletion of your precision gems, you need to invest in long-term and cost-effective resources that will lead you to more victories in the next stages. You can also use this Clash of Clans hack which will get you unlimited resources after verification.

The choice to either use Barbarians, Goblins, Giant, dragons or Archers to battle must be influenced by your next step to avoid spending more now when you can use other relatively cheaper units during battle. Next, you need to be a better strategist and always ahead of your enemies by ensuring you complete every mission to pave way for the next action. Doing this helps you remove all possible physical barriers while bettering off your gem count, which is invaluable throughout the game.

Don’t get stuck doing one particular action at a time. Instead, multitask by always being on the lookout for the next exposed resources collectors and employing a few and appropriate units to battle out. This way, you will have a strong base that will enable you to defend your clan, attack and conquer your enemies to build a huge kingdom that expose you to battle out with more international players.

Clash of Clans

Top secret on How to Play Clash of Clans on Android

Android players always encounter one of the most decisive moment, especially upon getting Town Hall 5 onwards. This is one of the trickiest parts that you can choose to either continue building your kingdom and farm for additional resources or enjoy collecting more trophies.

Either way, you have to labor for it. For instance, choosing to build your kingdom and collecting more resources exposes your Town Hall to your enemies as it is positioned at the bottom left corner. This gives you about 12 hours to either build your kingdom or hunt for more resources. Within twelve hours, you can possibly make one or two strikes at your enemies thereby increasing your wealth in Clash of Clans.

On the other hand, you can use all possible means at your disposal to protect your centrally-positioned Town Hall, earning you more trophies in return. Now you can comfortably play Clash of Clans, dominating the real and leading your clan to inevitable victory.

Hay Day Review

Never thought that a farm game would ever entice and carry you away? Then welcome the Hay Day game that will push all other fun into the background. Even those who played tons of games and consider themselves immune to growing vegetables and raising animals will be no less than surprised.

World of Hay Day

In the beginning you get quite a poor lot. But enough to build two pens for poultry and cattle, as well as a small garden. As you progress through the game you will need to cut a few trees here and there, remove stones and get rid of the marshes. For this you will need tools: saws, axes, shovels, and dynamite.

Management system in Hay Day unlike other games mostly requires dragging. For example, we need to collect raspberries from the bushes: click on one of the bushes, take the basket and drag it all along the bushes. Plants are stored in Silo Storage, and all other goods in Barn Storage.

Both buildings can be improved by increasing their capacity. This can be done with the help of special devices that are given during certain actions on the farm, but also they can be bought from other players.

Basically, Hay Day is very simple and intuitive. Even a small child can deal with it. Your main task is to grow plants, process them into products and then sell for a profit and experience points.

Characters of Hay Day

Sometimes neighbors will give you a visit. As a rule, they want to buy some goods from you. For a good deal you will get coins and experience points.

Beginning from level 7 you can sell products on the street. Every 30 minutes you can submit an advertisement to promote your products in a local newspaper. Tip: put minimum price on usual products and maximum on frequently wanted items like cheese, cream, cakes, juice, etc.

Hay Day

By clicking on the mailbox you will see the latest offers in the newspaper and you can buy anything you need on these ads from other players. In this way you can seek out rare items really cheap. The newspaper is updated in real time.

On level 14 for a couple of days you will be given an assistant – a boy. Every 2 hours he will fulfill your orders. You can ask him to find products or tools for you.

From level 19 you will be able to ship orders by boat. Once the boat is fully loaded you can offer your products and get experience points and vouchers. These special vouchers can be redeemed for the purchase of jewelry or animals, for example, you can buy a dog, a cat or a horse only by using vouchers.

Adding friends is possible through Game Center or Facebook. You can also add favorite players, visit them and help with trees or shrubs in return for experience points.

Hay Day is not a trivial farm game and differs from other clones not only in design but a few other important departments. With each level, you will fall in love with this game more and more.

Castle Clash Review

About Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a game based on the aspect of strategy, as it requires gamers to forge their own armies of men whilst gathering any useful resources that would make the process of becoming the most powerful player significantly easier. Once launched, the game commences with a simulation or tutorial in which the player in control is tasked with upgrading the current army base.

This can be achieved by enhancing the building structure and recruiting sets of dedicated troopers who are fully committed to the cause. More importantly, this game is available for purchase on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Playable Game Modes

To begin with, the single player game mode consists of various levels (stages) that players can choose to complete at their own volition. Within each level, a player encounters a battle against an existing base, which is very useful in familiarising new or inexperienced players with the various essentials of the game.

However, as the player progresses through each Castle Clash level, the difficulty of the challenges faced increases, as the game rapidly evolves from ‘beginner mode’ to ‘legendary battler’! This immense increase in gaming difficulty is able to challenge the most determined of gamers, which makes for very entertaining leisure. On the down side, however, this upsurge in difficulty can bring game progress to a grinding halt until certain in-game units or structures reach a higher level.

On the other hand, the multi-player Castle Clash game mode is where players are able to quickly generate more resources. This can be achieved by setting up walls, barracks, town halls, mana factories as well as gold mines. In addition to this, certain resources are available to the gamer after a successful battle. What is even more impressive, however, is the ability to buy certain gems that have numeric value within the game, and therefore in return, these gems can be traded for any resource available within the game. If you do not have enough money and you don’t mind to cheat, you should definetely try an online Castle Clash hack to generate resources.

Castle Clash

Castle Clash Features

The development team performed an excellent job with regard to graphical design and sound output of the game, based on the numerous colourful displays present, the ‘cartoon-like’ appearances of the characters, and the whimsical music that plays in the background, which further enhances that fantasy feeling.

With regard to combat, this game requires major improvements. The developers of this game failed to incorporate any engaging form of human combat, be it shooting other players with sniper rifles from long distances or simply lodging a knife into another opponents’ body from close range.

In this game, unfortunately, a player simply chooses where they wish to position units and observe them launching a full scale assault on enemy structures. Although this scenario is a common occurrence in similar games of this genre, it is still an area that game developers can vastly improve upon.

Interestingly enough, there are certain unlockables that players can utilise so as to strengthen their forces. For instance, a player can unlock certain hero characters that have the ability to use magic whilst in combat against enemy forces, which is very useful for a player in situations of offense, support and defence.


Despite the few drawbacks with regard to certain areas, Castle Clash still manages to live up to its billing, as it ‘ticks majority of the boxes’ with regard to performance and is generally stimulating and entertaining.

Boom Beach Review

Boom Beach is an amazing battle type of game that gives you quite an experience with all the awesome battle strategies that are made available in the game. The idea behind the game is that you need to have some strategies to beat other players in order to get resources from them.

There is a change of focus in the game that makes it very interesting and makes the game have a depth you can only find in larger games. This is the most interesting part of this game. It keeps you very engaged for a long time.

About Boom Beach

Boom Beach is very similar to Clash of Clans in terms of the formula, design and approach. Like the Clash of Clans, Boom Beach also has a very easy to understand tutorial about the game that makes you understand all that is required and why you need an upgrade on your base in order to defeat the other players.

This is very important because it makes you want to play the game before you are done with the instructions on the tutorial. This thrill is one of the things most people like about Boom Beach. The thrill of this game never ends.

Battle Strategies in Boom Beach

With Boom Beach, at first it is not easy to get control of the troops. However, as you continue playing, you get to utilize some amazing strategies that are made available as you earn enough points. For instance, you get to take advantage of the support ship to send first aid kits, shoot flares and escape the enemy.

There are also missiles that are made available once you have enough points to request for missiles. The battle strategy of this game is simply amazing. You never get bored once you start releasing all the ammunitions against the enemy. As you progress, you want to know what other strategies you can use against your enemy.

Boom Beach

In Boom Beach, your enemies still attack you even when you are no longer playing. Therefore, it is possible to find that the enemies have attacked you when you sign in. this is a very incredible feature that most games do not have incorporated in them. This feature enables you to learn how to place base buildings for your protection when you sign out.

Each time the base buildings need to be different in order to ensure you are safe from your enemies. With this feature, the action never ends since even when signed out, you still wonder if the enemies will get to you which are very interesting.

The only thing that is not so great about this game is the fact that there are numerous players in the game and there is actually no way of making any sort of connection with them. This is therefore something that needs an upgrade in case there is a new version to be made.

In general, Boom Beach is the perfect game to pass time with. It literally gives you an adrenaline rush and makes every minute spent on the game worth it.